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                                                              Mechani-Co is pleased to provide our 
customers with a high quality and 
economical commercial fleet maintenance 
and inspection program:

 Your alternative to the high cost of 
a repair shop or dealership. 

Inspections and scheduled maintenance are critical for keeping equipment in peak condition and minimizing vehicle downtime. Through the regular (CHP required) 90-day safety (BIT) inspection we are able to catch small issues and repair them before they become big problems. This could save our customers more than just the price of the repair, but also the cost of a downed unit.

Mechani-Co always does the traveling 
for you. We know it is a hassle 
finding time to take equipment to the 
shop for maintenance and inspections 
(not to mention paying the employee 
who takes the equipment there). That 
is why we're mobile and ready to assist 
you at your location: Saving you time 
and money.

​When you choose Mechani-Co's Fleet Maintenance and Inspection Program you will have one less thing to worry about. We keep track of when your equipment is due for inspections and contact you to schedule service. 

Not only will your drivers be safer on the road, you can feel proud that 
the reliability of your fleet is keeping the roads safe for everyone.
We're always mobile

 in case you're not!
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Mechani-Co 'mobile mechanic' offers fleet inspections and general repairs in the Sacramento area.